Industry 4.0 and environmental awareness

About Us

Based on more than half century professional experience, Timár-Gumi Kft manufactures rubber and locksmith products. The main characteristics of these produccts  are the quality and reliability.

The main shareholders, the managers, and our employees are all support our customer needs  at the highest level, which guarantees the lont term and  successful  cooperation for both parties.

We  pay a great attention  on creating a fair, professional and family-friendly atmosphere in which our suppliers, our  employees and our customers can achieve the best rpossible results.

In Timár-Gumi Kft processes the safety is the first, but next to it, the protection of the human and environmental values, the continuous improving of our processes, the technical innovations are the key figures of our long term results. We have a strong focus on idevelopements  till perfection.


On the way of continuous development

In 2017, Timár-Gumi Kft determined the proper way to the future.

Considering the sustainability, we defined our 5 and 10 year goals and we started the implementation. Even nowadays we successfully go on the defined route and respond well to the market demands and difficulties. As a result, several new technological and innovative production technologies were implemented into Timár-Gumi Kft processes in line with sustainable environmental friendly production and the industry 4.0 requirements.

In 2022 at the 30th anniversary of TimárGumi Kft, the biggest energetical investment started in the company life. The entire infrastructue become energy and gas independent. The company 100% cover the necessary energy for heating and cooling from renewable source!

The entire heating system and hot water production work with an extremely economical heat pump system. All interior and exterior placesare equipped with LED lighting, which has a positive effect on a good working environment. The entire energy supply of the factory's buildings is covered by a PV system, which covers 100% of the buildings' energy needs.

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The CO2 reduction achieved by the Timár Gumi Kft development is 420 tonnes/year.

Our capabilities

  • automatic and semi-automatic vulcanising presses

  • automated injection moulding machines

  • automatic extruder

  • robot welders

  • cnc machines

  • automatic painting line

  • semi-automatic eccentric presses

  • hydraulic presses

  • automated material preparation

  • automated processes

  • plate shears

  • cobot technology

  • innovative processes


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