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The predecessor of Timár-Gumi Ltd. was founded in 1971, which preserved their markets and also their experts when the Hungarian regime was changed in 1991.

Till 1990 the plant has only 50 workers, but nowadays it has more than 120 employees, producing qualitative goods! Employees of Timár-Gumi Ltd. are working in three shifts, each of our four parts.

Today, hundred types of technical rubber products are produced, such as air suspensions, water seal components, solid tires and other deposit-free rubber products.

The three parts of the plant are the following:

-vulcanizing plant
-mixing plant
-locksmith plant

Our locksmith department produces car components, wheels made of steel, air suspension components and metal weaponries used in the rubber industry. These parts are made by drawing, punching and welding. High volume goods are made by robotic welding.

In the rubber mixer part of our company rubber mixtures are produced for own use and for sale, too.

Timár-Gumi Ltd. is all together 1200 m2, including storages, the rubber mixer plant and the measure plant. The plant possesses a 50-liter closed mixer machine and several open mixer machines in different sizes, such as the 1600 and 2100 as well as extruder machines 80mm and 100mm diameter. Furthermore our plant processes 21 pieces compactors, size 800x800. At last but not least, the plant has a die-casting machine, which can be used until 320g.

Our foreign references were excellent, so the Timár-Gumi Ltd. takes part in the Austrian, Belgian, Slovenian and German market.

The ISO 9002 was introduced in 1998, and 9001 MIR system was entered in 2001.